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Saniflow Hand Dryer Corporation

3325 NW 70th Avenue
Miami, FL 33122
Phone: 305-424-2433
Fax: 305-424-2435
Toll-free: 877-222-9125

SANIFLOW Corporation is a leading manufacturer of quality electric hand dryers. We offer the most complete line of Warm-air and energy efficient hand dryers, available in a variety of models, materials, and finishes. Options range from push button, automatic touch-less air dryers, to ADA compliant and vandal resistant dryers.

Saniflow Hand Dryers benefit from 40 years of manufacturing experience by our parent company, Mediclinics S.A., the largest exporter of hand dryers in the world and a leader in the European and global market. We stand behind our products where quality is assured through every step of the manufacturing process and the materials used in the manufacturing process include a significant proportion of recycled material – for the lowest impact on the environment.

Saniflow featured hand dryers include the Green High Speed Hand Dryers, the Dualflow Plus®, Machflow®, and the ADA compliant Speedflow®. Saniflow High Speed hand dryer’s optimized airflow performance significantly reduces drying time from 10-15 seconds while also reducing operational costs of up to 90% versus costs of paper towel. Our high speed hand dryers are UL approved for use in North America, LEED point contributing, and BuildingGreen Approved, to help achieve sustainable energy efficiency and waste reduction targets.

The Dualflow Plus®, Machflow®, and Speedflow® consume 57% less energy than other conventional hand dryers in the market, and operate at less than 9 Amps per drying cycle while featuring a reduced noise level ranging from 58 dBA on the lowest setting to 74 dBA at the highest setting. In compliance with ADA regulations, the Dualflow Plus® and Speedflow® models accommodate to ADA guidelines immediately and the Machflow® model provides an optional recess kit. All 3 models have unique features from HEPA filtration, to ultra-fast speed, to ADA accessibility, and universal voltage among others, to fit any washroom application. To learn more about our complete range of products, visit us at

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