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Mullane: M.J. Mullane Co.

266-R Sawyer Lane, P.O.Box 108
Hudson, MA 01749
Phone: 978.568.0597
Fax: 978.568.9227

Founded in 1978 as a manufacturer of copper specialty products for the roofing trade, the Mullane Company has since evolved to specialize in the manufacture of bronze snow retention products exclusively. This focus, and the many years of experience in the study and manufacture of these products, have made the sales and engineering staff at M. J. Mullane Co Inc., the most trusted and knowledgeable in the business. In 1999, M. J. Mullane Company Inc. created Bronze Guard Products, a wholly owned subsidiary, to market and to more closely control the quality of manufacture of it's cast bronze snow guard products. The company's goal has always been to strive to manufacture the highest quality snow retention products, combining traditional design with modern metallurgy and materials engineering. All products are continuously tested, both in the lab and in the field, in order to constantly improve their quality, and their value to the user.