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Overview of Capabilities

Fabreeka brings over 100 years of competence and experience in vibration isolation, shock control, and thermal bridging solutions. Headquartered in Stoughton, MA, and operating globally, Fabreeka is a leading supplier of high-quality products coupled with first-class service thanks to its many years of experience and great strength for innovative solutions. The development into an important role in the history of vibration isolation was the result of a close collaboration in the early days with engineers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Goodyear. The cooperation with MIT continues to this day.

The foundation of this is the Fabreeka pad. Made of preformed fabric-reinforced elastomer, this product was ahead of its time in terms of vibration and shock absorption properties. Proof of this is that Fabreeka pads are still being used, and continually optimized, more than 80 years after their market launch. Other products include random oriented fiber or masticated rubber bearing pads, slide bearings, and thermal breaks.

Buildings and Bridges

Architects, structural engineers, and contractors around the world cooperate with Fabreeka International. They value the engineered material solutions as well as the company’s expertise in reducing structure-borne noise, vibration, and thermal bridging.

Fabreeka routinely provides services to predict resultant vibration and recommend an appropriate solution from our extensive product portfolio for a myriad of applications relative to building and construction. They include elevator isolation, stack vibration dampers, bearing or compliance pads, fixed or expansion bearings for bridges and buildings, foundation isolation, as well as structural and non-structural thermal break solutions.