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Panasonic Industrial Devices, Building Materials Group

Panasonic Industrial Devices, Building Materials Group

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Panasonic Brings 60+ Years of Experience in Building Products and Materials to the United States Building and Construction Market

Panasonic has a long tradition of designing, engineering and manufacturing building products and materials that extend the boundaries of sustainability and durability. Panasonic brings two cutting edge building products – ADVANC-R® Vacuum Insulation Panels and PVC Coated Steel - to the United States that are designed to protect buildings from the elements.

Vacuum Insulation Panels (Thermal Insulation)
Leveraging the company’s 300+ worldwide patents and decades of vacuum insulation know-how, Panasonic engineered the Ultra-Insulation for the building industry and branded it ADVANC- R®. ADVANC-R® VIP has an R-value of 66(1) that dramatically improves building energy efficiency compared to other traditional insulation. As a result, it offers a simple yet cost effective solution to meet more stringent building codes on energy.

PVC Coated Steel for Roofs
Panasonic’s PVC Coated Steel is a hot-dip galvanized steel core encapsulated in a chemical and flame-resistant polymer resulting in a Miami-Dade County approved metal roofing that protects the structure and outperforms its competition even under the harshest of environments.

Disclaimer: (1) Competitive insulation R values are based on publicly obtained information. ADVANC-R® is a trademark of Panasonic Corporation of North America.