Dura Coat Products, Inc., An Axalta Coating Systems Company

Dura Coat Products, Inc., An Axalta Coating Systems Company

26655 Peoples Road
Madison, AL 35756
Phone: 256-350-4300

Founded in 1986, Dura Coat Products, Inc. is a manufacturer of quality coatings for coil and spray applications. Today, Dura Coat Products, Inc. is an Axalta Coating Systems company. Axalta has 36 manufacturing centers and more than 4,000 distributors in 130 countries, as well as more than 100,000 customers.

The company’s entire family of high-performance products is developed with advanced formulations using low-emission resins, cool pigments, and energy-saving manufacturing systems and methods.

Dura Coat excels at color matching, which goes hand-in-hand with custom construction. Whether the job is one color or one hundred, original color chips are retained so that even decades later an exact match can be made. Our teams also work with coaters on new developments driven by customer needs. Our science-based approach carries over into our continuing environmental responsibility, where we focus on eliminating or reducing hazardous air pollutants, distilling solvents to reduce disposals, and using the right raw materials, which allow our finished products to comply with energy conservation initiatives and specifications.

Dura Coat prioritizes customer and technical service. From our locations in Riverside, California, and Huntsville, Alabama, Dura Coat ships on time, and is there whenever you need us, to make sure everything runs smoothly. Our selection and service are second to none.