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Innovative Ceramics

1005 Union Center Drive, Suite C
Alpharetta, GA 30004
Phone: 770-751-1955
Fax: 770-751-6488

INNOVATIVE CERAMICS INC. We're living up to our name in a big way. We've expanded our products to bring the best the industry has to offer to the marketplace. Whether your project involves the need for classic porcelain tile with the NOVA reliability and stainproofness, the value and flexibility of EXCEED 2000 or ADVANTAGE, the timeless elegance of SIERRA NATURALS, or the environmentally conscious VISION, ICI's quick-ship program can put material on your job quickly. We've further expanded our own fabrication capabilities to bring you the patterns and trims you need, when you need them and in the colors you specify. We always promised you innovation - and that's what we're delivering, now and into the next millenium!