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5555 Ernest-Cormier Street, Suite 100
Laval, QC H7C 2S9
Phone: 1-800-263-5240
Fax: 514-664-6009
Toll-free: 1-800-263-5240

Uniboard® is a leading North American manufacturer of engineered wood products with an installed capacity of over 660 million square feet of raw particleboard and high- and medium-density fiberboard, of which over 50% is converted into value-added thermally fused laminates. Its mills are located in Sayabec, Val d'Or, Mont-Laurier, and Laval and employ over 800 people. Uniboard’s products are sold to retailers, distributors, and finished goods manufacturers whose specialties span kitchen cabinetry, furniture, office furnishing, home renovation, and construction.

Uniboard® is renowned for having one of the most extensive product portfolios of engineered wood products in North America, ranging from deep embossed and synchronized TFL textures to ultra-light MDF. Uniboard’s TFL palette offers over 140 colors in 14 different finishes, combining superior quality and service with cutting-edge technology. The latest synchronized texture launched, the Nobella, has taken the market by storm with an extensive array of six colors ranging from light to dark.

Uniboard® continues to expand the product family even more with three on-trend antifingerprint TFL colors and the most innovative panel solution ever engineered for exterior applications: Nexos. Uniboard, the innovator in decorative composite wood products, has been redefining wood for over 35 years.