Alvarado Manufacturing Co.

Alvarado Manufacturing Co.

12660 Colony St.
Chino, CA 91710
Phone: 909-591-8431
Toll-free: 800-423-4143

Founded in 1956, Alvarado is a US-based corporation that manufactures and provides products and solutions which protect assets and control the flow of people. For over 60 years, our blueprint for success has remained simple and unchanged: offer high quality products that provide years of trouble-free service.

We have an in-depth understanding of the challenges involved in designing a safe and reliable physical security system. We understand that customers may not deal with our products often, so our staff routinely assists with operational questions, product selection, plan review, digital renders, and on-site job walks. Thousands of organizations across the globe use Alvarado products and integrated solutions.

Alvarado sells products in the following business areas: secured entry control, sports and entertainment, and asset protection and crowd control. Our secured entry control group manufactures optical, full-height, and waist-high turnstiles, as well as various types of gates. We are the USA’s leading turnstile manufacturer, and our customers include governmental organizations, universities, healthcare facilities, and many of the world’s largest and best-known corporations.

For over 20 years, leading sports and entertainment venues worldwide have relied on Alvarado for intelligent admission control solutions. Our admission-control software and intelligent-entry hardware is installed in over 200 locations globally, including major stadiums and arenas across all sports and skill levels.

Alvarado provides products that protect valuable assets in grocery, retail, and warehouse environments, such as doors, refrigeration cases, warehouse fixtures, and roll-up doors. Our crowd-control group provides modular railing, turnstile, and gate products to direct pedestrian and shopping cart traffic and reduce shrinkage in retail environments.