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GreenStaxx provides a library of modular-ready, multifamily unit-designs that fit together like Lego Blocks creating building-designs of various sizes and shapes. Using our generative-design system, multiple building-design iterations can be created in hours for review as to massing configuration and site location. Also, each building-design iteration features a dashboard providing financial data to a level of return-on-cost.

Unit-designs are standardized to enable integration with off-site modular fabrication. However, within guidelines, both unit designs and specifications can be customized to fit local conditions and user preferences. And the specification is linked to supply-chain coordination. Unit designs are taken to a CD level. Although units are dimensioned for modular construction, at the user's option they can be converted for conventional construction if an acceptable modular option does not exist.


  • An added service Architects can bring when marketing their services to clients. They can offer a modular design option, massing and feasibility studies, and standardized unit-designs for clients use in multiple projects,
  • Saves Architects time and money, lowering fees and increasing profits,
  • Provides Clients more project control and potential savings – time and money,
  • Provides Architect’s and Clients access to a network of skilled Modular/Off Site Manufacturers, contractors, and consultants to create teams that can be used in multiple projects to drive design and production efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Austin Newton Masterbed
  • Austin Newton Kitchen
  • Masterbath
  • Brookside Apartments
  • Chelsea Grey
  • Haven Reading