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Jordan Scientific

2200 Kennedy St.
Philadelphia, PA 19137
Phone: 800-523-0171
Fax: 215-289-1597

Jordon Scientific, a Fogel Company, is one of the oldest commercial refrigeration companies in the world. Founded in 1899, the privately held enterprise maintains factories throughout Central and South America with extensive operations in Europe, Asia and the United States. Founded as a cabinet making facility in South Philadelphia, Jordon/Fogel has consistently utilized product innovation, common sense and creativity to expand the company. Prior to World War II, for example, William Fogel began devising product lines applicable to military environments. By the war's end Fogel's product could be found in practily every military arena. More modern commercial refrigeration units developed by Jordon Scientific can be found in clinical, educational and government facilities throughout the world. The company continues to offer innovation and unique products designed to help their customers grow their business. In addition, Jordon/Fogel has long been a leader in developing energy efficient products enabling their customers to save time, increase productivity and reduce operation expenses.