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Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA)

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Washington, DC 20001-5402
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The Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA) was founded (in 1993) to provide a voice supporting this integrated process. Fundamentally, design-build embraces architecture/engineering and construction services under a single contract, thereby re-combining the vital roles of designer and constructor. Design-build practitioners come from a long tradition of excellence and, while honoring their past, look to the future with innovative design and information-age management techniques to continue those high standards. The Institute's purpose is not only to provide a voice for its members and all design-build project owners and practitioners, but also to improve the level of practice on a continuing basis; to disseminate educational information; and to furnish advice and support to facility owners and users. DBIA members are remaking the image of America's construction industry - in this country and worldwide. Using modern communication tools, such as this web site, it's now possible to reach a wider audience, faster than ever before. And DBIA puts this ability at the service of design-build practitioners and facility owners across the globe.

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