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CCB is an electronic collection of over 10,000 documents used in building design and construction, including guide specifications, manuals, handbooks, regulations, reference standards and other essential design and construction criteria documents. For information about the current edition of CCB, including basics like license agreements, SPECSINTACT, document format and more, click News. To download a basic information package in PDF format, right click here and select "Save As" (depending on browser: Save Link As, Save Target As, etc.) Documents come directly from 22 federal agencies and over 110 industry organizations. They are complete, current, approved documents, not abridged in any way. CCB is published on a set of 8 CD-ROM discs, or a single DVD, updated twice a year. Most of this unique electronic construction library is also available, to subscribers only, on this website, updated continuously. However, reference standards from industry organizations, and other proprietary databases, are available only on the CCB discs.

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