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UNStudio selected to build australia's tallest skyscraper

UNStudio selected to build australia's tallest skyscraper"The design is defined by a pair of twisting towers organized around a ‘green spine’ of vertically networked platforms, terraces, and verandas. this configuration also results in porous city views and improved contextual links. the proposal was competing against entries from other high-profile firms, including OMA, MAD architects, and coop himmelb(l)au. UNStudio’s design for the mixed-use tower integrates a host of programs — including recreation, retail, offices, residential, hotel, and exhibition spaces — within the building’s vertically stepped public infrastructure. a series of ‘spatial frames’, which mediate between indoor and outdoor space, provide a porousness at street level, while simultaneously connecting the upper floors with the streetscape by expanding the public realm.
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