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AEC Daily is a leading provider of continuing education for architects, engineers, and other design and construction professionals.

Our content is developed and maintained by a range of experienced, accredited experts and organized within industry-recognized categories. Continuing education that is tailored to your needs has never been easier to find.

Learning Options for Building Industry Professionals

Why Choose AEC Daily?

AEC Daily offers three ways to learn – Online Courses, Webinars, and Live learning.

Online courses are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, or you can register to attend one of our webinars or live sessions.

Thousands of architects and design professionals have renewed their licenses and certifications using AEC Daily's fully approved continuing education.

As a design professional, you understand that continuing education isn't just a requirement of maintaining your professional credentials - it also helps advance your career, and keeps you updated with the latest industry information and trends.

We offer relevant construction training sessions under multiple categories. For instance, construction risk evaluation, safety, international building codes and regulations, project management, LEED™, and more. Access them via desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.

AEC Daily's Comprehensive Course Curriculum

AEC Daily has a wide variety of courses available. Simply visit the Continuing Education section of our website and select your course.

Choose a course from one of the industry's most extensive course catalogs with subjects ranging from Acoustic Doors to Zinc Building Envelopes, or register for a webinar or live session.

We offer automated credit reporting to various organizations in the United States and Canada. Architects, engineers, and other design and construction professionals rely on AEC Daily to keep up-to-date on leading-edge products and technology while maintaining their accreditation.

For Building Product Manufacturers

How Do I Partner with AEC Daily?

Education is the most effective way to reach the design community. Now is a great opportunity to stop selling to design professionals and start educating them! Education is one of the requirements that all design professionals share. Visit for more information.

How Do I Contact AEC Daily?

Contacting AEC is a breeze! We would love to hear from you! Visit our Contact Us section.

How Can I Join AEC Daily?

Interested in a career with AEC Daily? Please see our Careers page.