Testimonials for AEC Daily

Wow! You are all awesome! I cannot keep up (in a good way), all the things happening from AEC Daily this week! Thank you and have a great weekend!

Pam G., Marketing Manager

Thank you! Thank you! I'm SO happy to find you as a source of interesting informative courses!

Kathleen L., ASID

Earlier this year it was a pleasure to work with my course writer on enhancements and critical additions to our cable railing course. The writer was thorough, efficient and had great attention to detail. I look forward to our continued partnership and to working together again on the development of a new course.

Alejandra Z

Thanks so much! This was such a great experience working with you guys and I really appreciate the material being ready ahead of time!

Lovin S

Firstly, I would like to thank you for putting together this excellent way to manage my interior design CEU’s. The courses I have taken have been very interesting and enjoyable. I have learned a lot about some materials and subjects that I had not previously considered in my designs. Your whole system is very easy to navigate and clear and concise. I really appreciate your efforts.

Lin H.

Thank you for your speedy response. AEC Daily Online Learning Center has been helpful to me in my continuous professional development. I have shared this with my friends to benefit from it just the way I have. You guys are doing an excellent job!


I had to let you know that your customer service was very (underline) responsive! Thanks for the help! I really do like your website, and use it a lot. So many customer help lines are dead ends and never get responses. Again, thanks for NOT being that way!


Great back up articles and papers and code that will act as a meaningful educational experience driving Architects to All Weather Architectural Aluminum.

All Weather Architectural Aluminum thanks all of you, we couldn’t have done it without AEC Daily.

Thank you!

All Weather Architectural Aluminum

I want to say how much I appreciate the courses you offer. All of my friends are off at Greenbuild trying to fulfill their credits and I have been diligently working towards my credits everyday right here at my desk. I have found most all of them very informative and interesting.


Thank you very much for your kind, rapid response. I have really enjoyed the AEC Daily CEU offerings. You are providing a superb resource, and I have learned a good deal through it.

Carlie G.

I have set aside time over the past two months to update my CEU requirements as a licensed architect in the State of Florida. I chose to use predominantly online sources to meet the requirements.

I wasn't sure how well I would do taking many hours online. I tried several Providers. I was looking for not only current well-presented content, but also advancement of networking opportunities. My primary role is as a specification writer, being aware of the current manufacturers representatives to supplement what is available online is very important. Additionally, obtaining Certificate of Completion PDF's quickly without further expenditure of time is crucial.

Over the past few months I have taken online courses from the following providers: Architect+ Forum, Hanley Wood, Ron Blank, CE Campus, PACE, and AEC Daily. Eventually I chose AEC Daily as my primary provider: Content is superb and current, testing is fair, obtaining PDF's of Certificate of Completion is quick (very important), and networking is outstanding. AEC Daily courses have extended my reach to manufacturer representatives, who have all been very responsive, and have saved me countless hours of research. I am now specifying several manufacturers who were not part of my database and have shared many of these new contacts with several clients, both new and existing construction.

As an architect and specification writer, there is only so much time in a day, and I consistently work long hours 7 days a week.

So let me applaud AEC Daily, I am hooked on your service, although I only needed 64 CEU's, I have already taken 70 (over 50% being from AEC Daily) and I'm not done this year. AEC Daily Education is now a part of my data collection for my projects. Just so you know for a small firm, I prepare specifications on very large projects, like 50+ story condominium towers and half million sf commercial and entertainment facilities. Hotels, Skilled Nursing Homes, Apartment complexes, and the list goes on. My plate is very full, thank God I have maintained an excellent reputation and have loyal clients.

Thanks for the opportunity to reach out and thanks for helping me be a better specification writer and architect.

Jerome J Lazar, RA, CCS, SCIP, CSI, NCARB Certified
Lazarcitec Architectural Services, Inc.

AEC Daily revised our course. The rewrite is better than I could have hoped. We have been getting calls from specifiers on flooring, counters and chairs recently. This will be very helpful. Again, terrific job.

Brian R

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