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  • Accella Polyurethane Systems

    Accella Polyurethane Systems

    Accella Polyurethane Systems is a leading manufacturer of custom formulated polyurethane systems, and recycled rubber products formed from the strategic combination of Dash Multi-Corp, MarChem, Arnco, Pathway Polymers, Ultimate Systems, RB Rubber, IPS Polymer Systems, Zeus, Premium Spray Products, Coating & Foam Solutions, Burtin Polymer Labs and Quadrant Spray Foam.

  • Georgia-Pacific Gypsum

    Georgia-Pacific Gypsum

    Moisture forgiveness is a building science concept generated by the demand for increased energy efficiency in the built environment. As buildings become increasingly tighter, they also can become more susceptible to moisture damage which can compromise the performance and durability of the building. Building owners, architects, and contractors must employ an integrated project delivery strategy to manage moisture effectively. Georgia-Pacific fiberglass mat gypsum products provide the moisture forgiveness that protects the performance of the structure and the inhabitants within.

  • Lapolla Industries, Inc.

    Lapolla Industries, Inc.

    Lapolla Industries, Inc. is a global manufacturer and supplier of state-of-the-art spray polyurethane foam insulation (spf or spray foam), reflective roof coatings, and rigs and equipment — designed to reduce energy consumption in the residential, industrial, and commercial structures.


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