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We are currently recruiting for the following position(s).

Web Developer, UI/UX Focus

Position Description

We are looking for a web developer generalist with a UI/UX focus:

  • Full time, permanent
  • A junior/intermediate developer would likely be a good fit, but we are flexible for the best candidate
  • Based in Newmarket Ontario, remote okay, but we generally like to have weekly in-person meetings

AEC Daily provides free online education to the building products industry through our site We are looking to add a new member to the technical team, as a result of an internal transfer to a new position. We need someone with strong UI/UX experience, strong knowledge of CSS, javascript, templating and frameworks, who also knows their way around PHP and a database. I hate to use the phrase, but “full-stack” is not far off, though we expect this position to be roughly 50% design and UI/UX work.

We are a small team - this position is for the 5th person with technical responsibilities - in a modestly-sized company. Our primary responsibility is for, but we also develop and maintain sites for reporting, management, and course authoring. There are also a variety of customer-specific sites, along with various other internal projects, and projects for related companies. We have lots of projects in the pipeline, and we can keep you well-occupied, with variety that won't let you be bored.

Job Requirements

  • We expect you to have at least 3 or 4 years of relevant experience
  • You must have strong expertise in CSS, javascript, templating, page layout, and a good understanding of and well-supported opinions on user experience and user interface
  • Intermediate-level PHP (or proven ability to pick it up quickly) programming
  • Knowledge of and experience in common PHP frameworks and templating tools
  • Solid understanding of database usage and interaction in web environments
  • Ability to work independently, ask for advice, offer advice and find good solutions to newly-discovered problems (or opportunities)
  • Good communication skills in English (oral and casual writing) and computer programming

Technical and Working Environment

We need someone who is largely self-directed and can work independently - we don't micro-manage, but we won't leave you hanging out to dry either. Dress code is casual, and work hours are flexible, as long as your time is productive and your results are good.

  • Primary language is PHP, currently with Smarty templates and the Code Igniter framework
  • Primary database is PostgreSQL, with some MySQL, new projects may lean towards MySQL
  • Source control is git via gitlab, with modest use of gitlab-ci
  • Various other tools and services, including apache, redis, puppet, bugzilla, mattermost chat, etc
  • Current environment is physical hardware with a small number of persistent containers
  • We have “dev image” virtual machines for local development and testing
  • Our environment is reasonably structured and automated, and we're working on more

About AEC Daily

AEC Daily has been providing online education for over fifteen years. Owner-managed, stable, and growing.

How to Apply

To apply, email and

  • Send a cover letter (or email body) outlining why you would be a good fit, and demonstrating that you have read and understood this job posting and that you've at least looked at our site. Write a sentence or two introducing an interesting problem you've solved (or at least attacked).
  • Send your resume as well, highlighting your relevant skills and experience, convincing us that you meet at least some of the job requirements.
  • Give us (or point us to) a sample of your code that you like

If selected for an interview, we will expect you to

  • Have an introductory phone call with us, wherein you will tell us about yourself, and respond when we ask you for a scintillating anecdote
  • Be able to come to our office in Newmarket for an in-person interview. Or, if you're not local to the GTA, convince us that it won't be an issue.
  • Answer technical questions, some stupidly easy, some hard, so that we can get an understanding of your understanding
  • Tell us why you would be a good fit for this position
  • Ask us probing questions, so that you can find out if we are right for you

Thank you for your interest, but we will only respond to applicants who apply. And there should be no need to say this, but we welcome applicants from any ethnic, cultural or religious background, or sexual orientation. But sorry, no recruiters please. And our brand new office is accessible and we have a couple of treadmill desks, if you are so inclined.

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