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How to Enable Real-Time Revit® Collaboration in the Cloud

Sponsored By: Advance2000

Description: Autodesk Revit® software is unique in allowing design work to be divided up logically, thus enabling multiple participants to collaborate on a single building project simultaneously. However, for true real-time collaboration with your consultants (such as with MEP and structural engineers), a suitable project-hosting environment is needed. This course explores public versus private cloud and BIM (building information modeling) project cloud computing and the concept of distributed data versus centralized data. Aimed at intermediate CAD/BIM users who are unfamiliar with Revit or who have worked with Revit only in nonworkshared mode, this course demonstrates how to activate Revit worksharing collaboration and utilize tools that support multiparty collaboration, including how consultants can link to the central project file. Finally, the purpose and functionality of the Revit server will be explained to lend context to multiparticipant BIM collaboration.

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