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Sound and Noise Control in Hospitality Facilities

The hospitality industry thrives on positive customer experiences. These experiences are often shared on social media, and reviews of a restaurant or hotel now commonly include the acoustical aspects of the experiences. Hospitality venues must be constructed to the highest standards in order to achieve the necessary level of customer satisfaction; this includes providing a positive acoustic environment for a wide range of situations. In addition to reviewing the basics of sound, sound movement, and sound measurement, this course details the comprehensive range of applications available to the designer to block unwanted noises, control the acoustics in large venues, and provide complete privacy where it is needed while improving the aesthetic appeal of each space as a result.

Sponsored By: Catalyst Acoustics Group

Presented by: Education Coordinator, Catalyst Acoustics Group

Delivery Format: Online, Self-Paced

Privacy Policy: Catalyst Acoustics Group Privacy Policy

HSW Eligibility: Yes

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