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Functional Innovation: Rooftop Screens and Enclosures

Sponsored By: CityScapes

Description: Dumpsters, concrete dividing walls, and rooftop HVAC equipment are commonplace in today's commercial industries. Unfortunately, these items are necessary but unsightly. However, dumpster enclosures, wall screens, and unit-attached rooftop HVAC screens can help building owners enhance aesthetics and meet code requirements. This course examines the various types of ground-level screens including enclosures, walls screens, and trellis systems and offers an in-depth discussion of HVAC equipment and unit-attached rooftop screening systems. Different installation techniques and comparative characteristics of traditional roof-mounted screening methods versus unit-attached screening methods are also discussed.

Presented by: Jack Cullinan, Gary Hanna Duggan, and Paul M. Falkenbach, CityScapes

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