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The Future of Design: The Necessary Rise of Inclusive Design

Approximately 1 hour 15 minutes

This course encourages dialogue and shares methods to adopt inclusive design approaches within the daily practice of design while seeking to inspire industry professionals to imagine an inclusive world that is powered by your creativity and sense of humanity. As our world becomes smaller and smaller, humanity aspires to provide care, work, and play and live connected experiences that are more meaningful. As designers, it is our responsibility to create considerate environments that support this quality of life for all. This is the Future of Design.

Presented by Ian Rolston on behalf of Decanthropy.

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This course is rated 3 SD symbols. The majority of this course is made up of sustainable design information and this course may qualify for USGBC approved GBCI CE Hours, please check course details pages for particulars. You can read more about the Sustainability Rating system.

This course is rated for 1 accessibility symbol. One symbol indicates courses that address accessible design in a small portion of the course. These courses do not meet the requirements of the California Architects Board. Please verify with other state boards before considering these courses as accessibility education.. You can read more about the Accessibility Rating system.

This course IS Health, Safety and Welfare eligible.

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