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The Benefits of Glass-Reinforced, Graphite-Infused Composite Cladding

Exterior cladding must be long lasting, maintenance-free, and aesthetically pleasing to meet the design demands of property and homeowners. An innovative composite cladding solution, developed with a patented technology that incorporates glass-reinforced polymers and graphite-infused polystyrene, meets and exceeds these requirements. This course describes the design challenges property and homeowners often face when selecting cladding, and it offers a solution. Performance characteristics such as thermal resistance, wind load resistance, and fire ratings are discussed. Installation techniques and a case study are also examined.

Sponsored By: Alside

Presented by: Ryan Driggs, Florida; Nick Giorgi, Maryland; Brandon Gonos, Ohio; Sam Savides, Illinois; Mike Spera, Virginia, Associated Materials - Alside

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HSW Eligibility: Yes

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