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Monolithic Roof Systems - a Sustainable Choice

Approximately 1 hour

What is a Monolithic roof system? Review low VOC top coats. Explore the environmental benefits of a SPF roof system, discuss reflectance, R-value and air sealing and how they affect energy usage. You will be able to explain Urban Heat Island (UHI) and the effect it has on our air and water quality, how the ozone is affected, what UHI does to our local ecosystem, the effects of global warming, and how if affects human and environmental comfort. Next, we will discuss ways we can reverse the UHI; how specifying SPF will cut energy usage, energy cost, and improve human comfort. Learn what energy saving programs are available, and the building benefits for your design.

Presented by various experts on behalf of Elevate (formerly Firestone Roofing, Wall and Lining Systems).

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