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Moisture Control in Wood Framed Exterior Walls - How Much Continuous Insulation is Enough?

Sponsor: Rmax – A Business Unit of the Sika Corporation

Description: This presentation originates from a research report written by the Applied Building Technology Group called Assessment of Water Vapor Control Methods for Modern Insulated Light-Frame Wall Assemblies. The report is extensive and includes compiled data from test homes, huts, and studies from the US, Canada, and Europe. The presentation utilizes the collected data from the research report in the form of a table to make easy insulation choices to prevent moisture issues. This presentation will first present the Building Science Concepts one needs to understand why things happen the way they do. The attendee will then be able to use that information to make informed decisions on how to design with wood framed construction. The presentation also breaks down some of the findings about wood sheathing and how it has been standing up over the years.

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Duration: 1.00 hour(s)

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