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Part II: Re-Solution: Sustainable Solutions and Hygrothermal Principles for Existing Buildings

Sponsor: VaproShield LLC

Description: Knowing the importance of preserving existing buildings and material, as explored in “Re-Solution Part I: A Carbon Case for Building and Material Re-use” this course will examine which strategies are best for different structures and situations. We will explore different [a host] of scenarios and case studies, with an eye towards the potential for improvement across the board. Carbon (dioxide) is a hot topic these days and will be a companion of sorts, though we will be sure to include H20 (oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen) since all of these work interdependently in buildings, colluding as an all-too-often overlooked enemy of sustainability: moisture damage. If a building leaks, it is not sustainable. Here we will brush with a broader stroke, emphasizing the need for good design and detailing, while exploring examples of successful wall and roof assemblies. In “Re-solutions III: Facilitating Architectural Re-use and Wiser Wood in New Construction,” we will hone in on specific factors which can help hedge successes and minimize pitfalls in implementing reuse strategies.

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Duration: 1.00 hour(s)

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