Continuing Education

Advances in Plumbing Design for Healthcare

Approximately 1 hour

Advances in Plumbing Design for Healthcare is an introduction to a variety of issues healthcare facilities face with respect to plumbing products when constructing or renovating buildings, and why addressing these issues is important. Whitehall’s BestCare® line of ligature resistant plumbing products and accessories offers innovative solutions intended to reduce sentinel events via strangulation in a behavioral healthcare setting. Whitehall Manufacturing’s Infection Prevention Sinks, CareWare® line of Patient Care Units, and all in one hand washing and drying system tackles the problem of Hospital Associated Infections (HAI’s) from a preventative design perspective. Additionally, Whitehall’s bariatric line focuses on providing obese patients with appropriate equipment while respecting patient dignity. Because of the diverse needs of our current population, design trends are shifting towards a universal room which meets the needs of ADA, bariatric capacity, and other patient requirements.

Presented by various experts on behalf of Morris Group.

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