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Deicing Salt Reduction and Environmental Benefits Using Permeable Pavers

Approximately 1 hour

Permeable pavers are increasingly used as a stormwater management solution in parking lots, driveways and roadways across North America. As a Green Infrastructure infiltration solution, permeable pavers reduce stormwater runoff, provide water quality benefits, and mitigate street flooding. This presentation highlights the findings of recent studies, including the University of Toronto’s De-icing Operations for Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavements, the U.S. Geological Survey’s Subsurface Temperature Properties for Three Types of Permeable Pavements in Cold Weather Climates and Implications for Deicer Reduction, and the University of Minnesota’s findings related to permeable pavement and road salt reduction. These studies collectively identify and quantify benefits permeable pavers offer to combat water and aquatic life damage due to deicing salts. Join us for an overview of these new studies and learn how developers and government agencies can take advantage of the environmental benefits of permeable pavers.

Presented by various experts on behalf of Oldcastle APG.

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