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    September 27, 2011

    Newport Beach, CA – According to Ben Garcia, vice president of Expo Stucco Products in San Diego, the soaring popularity for the Base and Mesh Systems is testimony to its efficacy. The proliferation and success of the Base and Mesh Systems is grounded on their ability to minimize cracking in an effective way, provide the contractor with new revenues and the consumer with an aesthetically pleasing finish on their project. "This system is one of the best ideas to surface in the plastering industry in years,” Garcia said. Stucco is widely used all over the world as an exterior cladding because of its aesthetic appeal, durability, fire resistance, design flexibility, low cost and ease of maintenance. Stucco is by nature hard and strong, but it is relatively thin and brittle and will crack when subjected to stresses that exceed its tensile strength. Base and mesh systems are an excellent choice for commercial, residential or institutional projects. This system consists of a polymer-modified cement coating with embedded alkali-resistant mesh. It is specifically designed to significantly reduce surface cracking in new and existing plaster systems. By embedding the mesh into the polymer modified coating, the base and mesh systems reinforce the stucco and help to reduce the appearance of cracks. Base and mesh systems are ideal for one coat stucco, three coat stucco, masonry, brick and concrete surfaces. Please refer to our web site at and click on Technical Papers in upper right corner of home page and download free Technical Paper on Base and Mesh Systems for Crack Reduction. In 1957, the SMA (Stucco Manufacturers Association) formed as a non-profit trade association comprised of the major manufacturers of stucco in North America, as well as their related suppliers. Their primary focus is to educate the professionals in the building industry. Architects, specifiers, plastering contractors, building owners, interior designers, color consultants, and suppliers can benefit from the expertise of the SMA. For more information, please contact the association’s Executive Director, Norma Fox, at 949.387.7611

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    September 01, 2011

    Anaheim, CA – August 30, 2011 – Parex USA, Inc. the parent company of leading building material brands; Parex, LaHabra , El Rey Stucco, Teifs, and Merkrete today announced the WeatherSeal line has been listed by the Air Barrier Association of America (ABAA). The Parex USA WeatherSeal line has successfully met or exceeded the multiple tests required to be evaluated and listed with the ABAA. These products include: WeatherSeal Spray and Roll-on and WeatherSeal Trowel-on. Submitting the WeatherSeal products to the ABAA for evaluation, demonstrates Parex USA’s strong commitment to providing high-performance material solutions that meet the most stringent industry requirements. The ABAA represents credibility to the industry, as air and weather barrier solutions become an increasingly popular option for energy efficiency. This association also provides the opportunity to work with leaders in building envelope design to ensure the development of sound standards and best practices for quality application. "The ABAA has been extremely successful in promoting the virtues and benefits of Air Barriers,” said Jamie Makuuchi, Director of Marketing. “They are becoming very influential in our industry specifications and we believe our affiliation with the ABAA should prove to be added testimonial to the quality of our products.” Providing high-performance air and water barriers are a top priority for Parex USA to ensure that our materials contribute to: • Provide sustainable building enclosure design • Long-term operation & maintenance performance • Maximum energy efficiency • Superior protection For more information about the complete line of Parex USA air and water resistive products, please visit any of the Parex USA brand websites through

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