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Provide a Green Expansion Joint with ECO-JOINT from W. R. MEADOWS

February 16, 2009

Hampshire, IL – ECO-JOINT is a multi-purpose, new generation expansion joint filler. The product is composed of 100% recycled synthetic rubber. It is flexible, lightweight, chemical-resistant, and ultraviolet-stable. ECO-JOINT is compatible with most currently available cold-applied sealants. It will not deform, twist, or break with normal on-the-job handling. ECO-JOINT is suitable for use as an expansion or control joint in roadways, airport runways, sidewalks, pavement patch repair, driveways, flooring, parking lots, plazas, flatwork, patios, and curbs – any commercial and industrial application subject to pedestrian and vehicular traffic. ECO-JOINT is versatile. It can be used in the majority of all expansion/contraction joint applications. It is non-extruding, versatile, flexible, tough, lightweight, and easy to install. ECO-JOINT can be sized to meet any installation requirement and is compatible with hot and cold joint sealants. ECO-JOINT acts as a bond breaker, can be used in both interior and exterior environments, and contains no asphalt. The use of ECO-JOINT may contribute to several LEED credits, including recycled content and regional materials. This product has been specifically engineered to create a viable expansion joint material for environmentally safe, sustainable building. For more information on ECO-JOINT, call (847) 214-2100, e-mail, or visit


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