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Solar Power, Inc.’s 200-watt Class Module Receives Number One PTC Ratings From California Energy Commission

June 24, 2009

Solar Power, Inc.'s 200-watt Modules Now Hold Top Three Performance Rankings ROSEVILLE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Solar Power, Inc. ("SPI") (OTCBB: SOPW) announced today that two of its 200-watt modules, have been ranked number one and number two in comparative performance ratings awarded by the California Energy Commission ("CEC"). In April, SPI announced another of its 200-watt modules had been ranked number three by the CEC. Solar Power, Inc. currently sells three versions of its 200-watt module. Each of SPI's modules has been tested using the Photovoltaic USA Test Conditions ("PTC") to achieve the PTC rating that is the basis for their comparative rank. At present, the CEC lists 13 modules within the 200-watt category that have been tested using the PTC test conditions. Solar Power, Inc.'s SP200 modules currently hold rankings in the numbers one, two and three positions placing them squarely at the top of their class. The performance difference between SPI's number-one ranked 200-watt module and the fourth-ranked competing module is 1.7%. SPI's modules are tested to evaluate performance characteristics by the independent, Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory, Intertek located in Lake Forest, CA. PTC ratings provide a measurement of how modules will behave in real-world conditions and is widely recognized by solar professionals as the best way to compare module performance. PTC test results are used by the CEC to rank and rate solar module performance for the CEC's SB1 Guidance Listings. PTC values on this list are calculated using strict laboratory tests to establish comparative rankings. Higher performance ratings translate into greater rebates for home and business owners when installing solar systems within the state of California. The CEC's SB1 listing of modules reflecting these new rankings will be published in early July.


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