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Non-Sag Joint Sealant Designed for Swimming Pool Applications – DECK-O-SEAL GUN GRADE

May 04, 2012

Hampshire, IL – DECK-O-SEAL, a division of W. R. MEADOWS offering a complete line of pool deck products, offers DECK-O-SEAL GUN GRADE, a two-component, non-sag, non-flowing, polysulfide-based sealing compound. DECK-O-SEAL GUN GRADE is a premium quality, flexible joint sealing compound ideal for applications where a short turn-around time is required, such as joints on pool bottoms and sidewalls. All submerged applications must be primed with P/G PRIMER from W. R. MEADOWS. The product can be used for general purpose caulking of joints – both above and below water – and interior/exterior expansion joint sealing. “Not only can Deck-O-Seal Gun Grade be used for several general applications, but the product is supplied in unitized, pre-measured packaging making it ready for instant blending and easy application,” said Jim Dill, Division Manager of DECK-O-SEAL. In addition, DECK-O-SEAL GUN GRADE contributes to LEED credits for Low-Emitting Materials and Regional Materials. For more information, contact DECK-O-SEAL, a division of W. R. MEADOWS, INC. by phone: (800) 542-POOL; fax: (847) 214-2268; e-mail:, or visit


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