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Anchoring/Bonding and Repairing Concrete with REZI-WELD GEL PASTE STATE™

May 07, 2012

Hampshire, IL – W. R. MEADOWS, a leader in the construction industry for more than 85 years, offers REZI-WELD GEL PASTE STATE, a two-component, high modulus, rapid-setting, moisture insensitive construction epoxy for concrete anchoring and restoration projects. An easy-to-mix and easy-to-apply paste, REZI-WELD GEL PASTE STATE can be troweled, brushed, injected, or pumped and is ideal for filling cracks, anchoring, doweling, making small patches, and general repairs. REZI-WELD GEL PASTE STATE provides excellent mechanical properties and bond strength to concrete and other various substrates. REZI-WELD GEL PASTE STATE is suitable for surface sealing prior to pressure injection and can also be used as an adhesive by filling voids between the surfaces to be bonded to ensure a strong void-free bond. “This injection gel adhesive has a high viscosity and fast chemical bonding, making it a quick and easy solution for concrete repairs,” said Matthew Price, President of W. R. MEADOWS. In addition, REZI-WELD GEL PASTE STATE contributes to LEED credits including Indoor Environmental Quality and Materials and Recourses. For more information on REZI-WELD GEL PASTE STATE, call (800) 342-5976, e-mail, and/or visit


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