Building knowledge and connections Features Three Handy Landscape Design Checklists

May 18, 2012

Three easy-to-use design checklists featured on guide consumers through the process of designing the perfect outdoor landscape CALIMESA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Before undertaking any landscaping project, big or small, one must first examine several very important questions regarding landscape design., online resource for landscaping industry information, has gathered three helpful and informative landscape design checklists for consumers interested in starting new landscaping projects. According to the site, landscaping design is an ideal outlet to express creativity, creating a space that can provide three important elements: calm, awe, and balance. Landscape design integrates colors, textures, scents and structural compositions to create anything from entertaining areas to peaceful retreats at home. Courtesy of the Association of Professional Landscape Designers and two professional landscape design firms, these checklists guide consumers through many questions that will help define landscaping needs, as well as wants and preferences. These questionnaires will help provide both consumer and landscape designers a better understanding of the project and project goals. Covering a multitude of landscaping elements, each checklist covers various facets within the design process. These checklists give insight into details the professional designer will need to know to accurately craft the project’s concept. Consumers must decide on a particular design style, for example between Mediterranean, Spanish, Tropical themes and many others. Consumers must consider color schemes, plant and paving preferences, what the space will be used for, desired amenities and more. Most importantly, checklists will help the consumer set a project budget so that both parties, client and designer, are on the same page.


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