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The Blue Book Building and Construction Network Creates Standard Industry Format for Delivering ‘Business Intelligence’ Online

July 31, 2012

Latest Product Enhancements Enable Network Members to Position and Distinguish Themselves from Their Competition JEFFERSON VALLEY, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Blue Book Building and Construction Network has recently released upgrades and enhancements to their online company search engine, Recognized in the commercial construction industry as the premier source for finding company information on contractors, suppliers and manufacturers in the United States, The Blue Book Network’s online service now offers an enhanced ’ProView’ format, making it easier for General Contractors, Owners, Property Managers and Government Agencies to find the business intelligence they need to make the right hiring decisions for their projects. Complete company details are available in an easy-to-read and standard format, making it simple for online users of to find current information, including: Contact information and branding A full-color photo gallery of projects or products Name brands and products installed/supplied Licenses (including the issuing agency and expiration) Recently completed projects Scope of work -- now including structure type and work type LEED/BIM certification and links to spec documents Additional key contacts and locations Geographical areas services Trade associations, memberships and government certifications Reference contacts on highlighted projects Direct links to social media sites Plus, in addition to more content, the new “ProView” format offers advanced functionality that enables users to save, print and share information.


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