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Homes by Vanderbuilt: Green Homes Reduce Energy Costs

August 01, 2012

As Americans turn on their air conditioning units to cool off from the summer heat, many homeowners are finding that their energy bill is higher than expected. Homes by Vanderbuilt, approaches this common problem with new solutions aside from typical A/C repair. SANFORD, N.C., July 31, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- While the summer heat can prove miserable to many residents across the country, a monumental energy bill can sometimes be more discomforting. Even if homeowners are using the same amount of air conditioning as they did in previous years, many are noticing significant increases in their monthly energy costs. A recent article from The San Francisco Chronicle discusses that the problem may not necessarily be a result of A/C overuse, but due to leaky ducts. While many may seek sealing services to improve their homes energy efficiency, Homes by Vanderbuilt suggests that new technology could provide long-term solutions to this common issue.


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