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SPEC MIX® D2W WETMIX System: The Perfect Jobsite Material Mixing Solution

August 22, 2012

EAGAN, MN – The mason contractor is increasingly looking for new ways to be more efficient and profitable. Looking to cutting edge technology, even for a trade with a long history like masonry, can offer more productive material production solutions. The SPEC MIX® D2W WETMIX continuous mixing system gives the mason contractor control over the key elements that allow him to make a profit. The SPEC MIX D2W WETMIX continuous mixing system allows a mason contractor the advantage of mixing grout and mortar onsite whenever the crew needs the material. On job sites across North America contractors use the SPEC MIX D2W WETMIX as their own onsite batch plant to maximize manpower and minimize costs. With an output rate at nearly 8 cubic yards of grout per hour, the D2W WETMIX system will produce the material needed to efficiently keep a standard grout pump and masonry crew busy reinforcing a wall. There are no short load charges or added wait time costs—the SPEC MIX D2W WETMIX is always ready to go when the time calls. Eliminate the cost of wasted labor and material by sending back partially full ready mix trucks carrying grout you’ve paid for—The D2W WETMIX allows you to mix only the material you need and the system can be reloaded with SPEC MIX bulk bags while your team is placing the grout. Consider the SPEC MIX D2W WETMIX material production capabilities; it can mix a 10 cubic foot tub of mortar in less than 5 minutes with the push of a button. The system utilizes a unique array of specialized mixing paddles and agitators that fold and sheer the material to efficiently hydrate the dried aggregate and mechanically work natural air into the material for maximum workability. It is no longer necessary to place a laborer at the mixing station to shovel sand or operate a silo; it can all be accomplished from the seat of a jobsite forklift with the use of a wireless remote control. The driver can place a tub underneath the mixer, push a button on the remote and drive away. The mixer automatically stops at whatever time is set.


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