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Advanced Architectural Stone: GFRC Connections Simplifies Installation, Opens up Design Options

February 02, 2017

GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) can help realize wide range of concrete design possibilities not easy to achieve with traditional concrete. Advanced Architectural Stone (February 02, 2017)—Concrete has enabled architectural design for buildings for hundreds of years. GFRC products have pre-engineered, built in connections that simplifies the onsite installation. The reasons are: •Unique potential to mold the stone pieces or cladding layers in highly intricate shapes and design details •GFRC is hollow from inside leading to much lighter weight •With unique materials technology of today’s age coupled with pre-designed, pre-engineered connections and structural support it is still much stronger compared to other decorative concrete elements •The look and feel of GFRC can match other cast stone products, terracotta, or even natural lime stone. To learn more about GFRC design possibilities and ease of installation, and to see video of an installation at the SMU Delta Gamma Sorority House project, please click on the Read More button to visit the Advanced Architectural Stone website.


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