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TRUEGRID: How Building Club Nomadic in 60 Days Can Still Be Sustainable

February 02, 2017

Houston company brings innovative solutions to 62,5000-square- foot, three-story nightclub’s impact on environment in Sawyer Yards Arts District Houston, TX - Jan. 6, 2017 . . . TRUEGRID, a trending Houston-based company that manufactures eco-friendly permeable pavement, is providing sustainable support toClub Nomadic, the ultimate entertainment experience traveling to marquee events and destinations across the U.S. The 62,500 square foot Club Nomadic will make its Houston debut by turning the city’s Sawyer Yards Arts District into the epicenter of entertainment featuring world-class performances leading up to next month’s big game while remaining eco-friendly. TRUEGRID installed a 58,000 square foot, 250-space parking lot in 10 days for the massive three-story venue being built in 60 days. With the addition of permeable pavement, Club Nomadic’s site avoided emission of 353 tons of carbon dioxide, recycled 77,300 pounds of post-consumer plastic and can currently detain roughly 350,000 gallons of water in case of flooding. That’s the equivalent of planting 74,000 trees and recycling almost 600,000 milk jugs. Due to its detention capacity, the development plan saved costs since a detention pond was no longer required while staying sustainable. "TRUEGRID saves clients like Club Nomadic in terms of both time and land costs," said Barry Stiles, developer, founder and CEO of the local manufacturer. "It’s a maintenance-free alternative to concrete and asphalt and other impervious surfaces. My love of Legos® inspired my creating the grid, a permeable building block that’s environmentally-friendly and also easy and accessible for everyone to use." Club Nomadic will serve as the epicenter for world-class entertainment leading up to the big game with a three-night concert series beginning Thursday, Feb. 2 and through Saturday, Feb. 4. The structure has been under construction since November utilizing the services of many local Houston businesses. TRUEGRID Pavers offer a sustainable alternative to traditional pavement in the form of interlocking plastic grids made from 100 percent recycled plastic. The grids are filled with gravel that allows water to filter into a crushed rock detention base under the parking surface, cleansing the water for hydrocarbons and other pollutants naturally before it returns to local aquifers. Due to its low-impact development perks, the company has found success in the national market. Companies such as Whole Foods Markets, Google and NASCAR have utilized the grid on their sites for projects such as parking lots, distribution centers and fire lanes. The grid also has aided the U.S. National Park and Forest Services for handicap walkways. Up and coming green communities have utilized the product for roadways, driveways and ground stabilization. "We are a purpose-driven company," Stiles said. "Our system is super eco-friendly from manufacture to end use and it makes a true impact on every project."


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