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Radianz Quartz Surfaces Line Expands to 50 Nature-Inspired Colors

July 14, 2017

LOTTE Advanced Materials Quartz Countertop Brand Delivers Style and Elegance

LOS ANGELES, July 12, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The Radianz line of surfaces and countertops from LOTTE Advanced Materials offers an extensive array of colors, patterns and visual textures. With an industry-leading 51 colors ranging from neutral to vibrant tones, the Radianz line offers the precise hue that's ideally suited for virtually any interior application, including kitchens and work spaces in both residential and commercial environments.

With its vast range of colors and designs, Radianz quartz surfaces cater to individual styles and preferences while providing a surface that is engineered to be ultra-durable. For example, those with traditional tastes can find colors ranging from light shades such as Denali Cloud, to the dark tones of Impala Black, both from the Marble Collection. The extensive color, pattern and visual texture options of the Radianz line open the door for creative, highly personalized designs.

"The Radianz palette of colors is the most extensive and imaginative in the industry," said Brandon Choi, marketing manager, LOTTE Advanced Materials USA, Inc. "With new Breton manufacturing technology, the line can be engineered in a multitude of unique patterns and shades, giving customers endless design possibilities."


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