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Nedlaw Living Walls Launches Robust, Educational Website

November 29, 2017

BRESLAU, ONTARIO – Nedlaw Living Walls, one of the world’s premier living wall biofilter companies, has just launched a new, comprehensive website that provides thorough education about its technology, a full overview of all projects, an extensive resource library, and much more. The robust website ( reveals the depth of experience and expertise that Nedlaw offers to architects, engineers, interior designers, and building stakeholders.

Nedlaw Living Walls designs and builds the most technologically advanced and rigorously tested living wall biofilters in the world. As such, the company has invested substantial resources to make their technology understood and available to building and design professionals online, around the world.

The new website includes ample explanation of Nedlaw’s core services (which include design, building and maintenance), the unique science employed, construction details, and the distinct benefits of improved indoor air quality and energy savings. Users will find informative White Papers and Videos in each key section of the website to support their learning. New features of include a real-time Google installations map, an easy-to-navigate project gallery (searchable by building type), a deep resource library, and a blog that shares project news, case studies and articles.

With many projects at or approaching 15 years of age, Nedlaw has a solid history of projects to share and has, in fact, amassed nearly 200 projects worldwide. As a proven technology, they are dedicated to sharing their stories and publishing more project work through education programs, including this very comprehensive website. As appetite for healthier, more energy efficient buildings grows, Nedlaw is poised to meet this demand with its smart, high performance solutions.


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