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February 22, 2018

Hampshire, IL – When versatility, simplicity, durability, and cost–efficiency are all top priorities for choosing the proper barrier for your building envelope project, look no further than AIR–SHIELD LSR from W. R. MEADOWS. This single–component liquid synthetic rubber air, vapor, and liquid moisture barrier is easy to apply and cures to form a tough, seamless, elastomeric membrane which exhibits excellent resistance to air and moisture transmission. AIR–SHIELD LSR is appropriate to use on most common surfaces, various wall systems, and suitable for both new construction and restoration.

“AIR–SHIELD LSR was introduced a number of years ago to provide a fluid applied barrier option capable of air, water, and vapor protection. AIR–SHIELD LSR possesses many fluid–applied material benefits, such as ease of application and superior performance. This product has been an excellent addition to our AIR–SHIELD line of materials,” said Russ Snow, Building Science Specialist at W. R. MEADOWS.

AIR–SHIELD LSR is formulated to work hard so you don’t have to. Its highly flexible membrane offers excellent adhesion to span great lengths, ensuring a continuous barrier. AIR–SHIELD LSR is sprayable to increase efficiency and reduce application costs. Non–toxic and with low VOC content, AIR–SHIELD LSR is environmentally compatible, produces no harmful odors, and is safe and simple to apply and clean up.

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