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Excel Dryer Checks in at Fairmont Hotel

February 27, 2018

For more than 130 years, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts have been known as luxury resorts that combine timeless elegance with innovative facilities. Recently, the Fairmont has become committed to reducing the hospitality industry’s environmental impact, and nowhere is this more evident than at Fairmont Chicago, Millennium Park. As part of a five–year, $60 million transformation focused on using the latest and most innovative sustainable solutions, the Fairmont Chicago now counts Excel Dryer’s original, patented, high–speed, energy–efficient XLERATOR® Hand Dryer among them.

Combining its own sustainability movement with the city of Chicago’s reputation for environmental support, the Fairmont Chicago installed XLERATOR Hand Dryers as an eco–friendly opportunity to reduce and divert waste. With those two criteria in mind, the Fairmont Chicago began considering innovative designs they could implement in the hotel to achieve their goal of one day becoming “carbon neutral.” Excel Dryer, manufacturers of the original, patented, high–speed, energy–efficient XLERATOR is helping the Fairmont Chicago get closer to that goal.

As world–class as the Fairmont Chicago’s facilities were, the restrooms were one area that offered room for improvement. This is where Excel Dryer helped. XLERATOR dries hands fast while using 80% less energy than conventional hand dryers. It is the only Made in USA Certified® hand dryer on the market and helps facilities qualify for several LEED® v4 Credits, Green Globes and other certifications to achieve corporate and government sustainability goals.

Given XLERATOR’s proven environmental benefits and the Fairmont Hotel’s reputation as a leader in conservation for the hospitality industry, the installation was a natural fit. XLERATOR represents a 95% cost savings over paper towels, eliminating their labor and maintenance and waste while improving restroom hygiene. Additionally, XLERATOR significantly reduces a facility’s carbon footprint up to 70%, compared to 100% recycled paper towels. The Fairmont Chicago has received Green Seal Silver Certification for its efforts to reduce impact on the environment by adopting sustainable technology such as XLERATOR high–speed, energy–efficient hand dryers.


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