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MLB youth baseball academy in Kansas City is seventh in U.S.

March 20, 2018

LEWISVILLE, Texas, March 15, 2018– The Kansas City MLB Urban Youth Academy is expected to serve the community for generations. The City of Kansas City, Major League Baseball and the Kansas City Royals partnered to turn an old park into an indoor training facility, four state-of-the-art outdoor diamonds and more. Insulated metal panels from Metl-Span encase the indoor facility with a durable wall panel in an attractive array of colors.

“The insulated metal panels worked best for helping maintain a consistent temperature and reducing heating and cooling costs,” says Kedra Burcham, project engineer for JE Dunn Construction of Kansas City. “The Royals like the look of the metal panels and the city requested to add some stone accents for a consistent look with the surrounding neighborhood. The great thing about the insulated metal panels is they are a one-step process. Once the panels are in place, that’s the wall, insulation and all.”


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