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Effective Positive & Negative Cementitious Waterproofing In New Construction & Restoration

March 20, 2018

Hampshire, IL – Waterproof reinforced concrete structures and protect against chemical attack with CEM-KOTE FLEX ST, W. R. MEADOWS’ flexible cementitious waterproofing option. CEM-KOTE FLEX ST is a two-component, breathable, fiber-reinforced cementitious coating consisting of a dry and liquid component. Designed for positive and negative waterproofing, CEM-KOTE FLEX ST is effective in both new construction and restoration projects. It can easily be applied by brush or sprayed to suit the application.

Ideal for waterproofing potable water or wastewater treatment facilities, CEM-KOTE FLEX ST offers excellent adhesion and crack-bridging and is an approved ANS/NSF 61 barrier material. This permeable membrane allows substrate moisture to escape. CEM-KOTE FLEX ST is also recommended for use on tunnels.

“Features such as hydrostatic head resistance, flexibility, crack-bridging capabilities, and vapor permeability allow CEM-KOTE FLEX ST to provide waterproofing protection for both positive- and negative-side installations. It has a proven track record for over 30 years around the world,” said Russ Snow, building science specialist at W. R. MEADOWS.

Further information about CEM-KOTE FLEX ST can be found at Our CEM-KOTE FLEX ST product flyer provides a convenient reference of its important features and benefits that can be requested at


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