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With EPDs, Excel Dryer Continues to Set Sustainable Standards, Industry Firsts

March 26, 2018

EPDs and Why They Matter

EPD certification is important for any manufacturer because they demonstrate a company’s commitment to sustainability and product performance. Published by UL Environment, a business division of Underwriters’ Laboratories, EPDs for our three signature products signify a groundbreaking development for Excel Dryer as a manufacturer as well as for our industry as a whole. This achievement has effectively ushered in a new era of transparency among hand dryer manufacturers.

On the road to EPDs, Excel Dryer played a key role in leading the hand dryer industry toward a mandatory prerequisite: the creation of Product Category Rules (PCR). These standardize evaluation guidelines and reporting, allowing the specifying community and buyers to conduct a more “apples-to-apples” product comparison and ultimately make a more informed decision.

Asked to chair the committee to develop the PCR, Excel Dryer worked in collaboration with UL and other leading hand dryer manufacturers, to achieve the necessary industry consensus. Last year, UL Environment published the hand dryer PCR, a first for the industry and the first global standard for any industry.

To gain EPD certification, a manufacturer’s products must be studied cradle-to-grave by way of a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) conducted by a credible third-party, following ISO 14040 standards. Excel Dryer again called upon world-renowned Quantis International, with whom we’d previously worked, for our latest LCA.

“Excel Dryer has long-expressed a commitment to environmental sustainability and our credible, third-party testing results quantify and substantiate their claims,” said Jon Dettling, U.S. director at Quantis International. “We, at Quantis, are honored to have been chosen to play a part in the historic creation of the first hand dryer Environmental Product Declarations.”

Sustaining Industry Leadership

With the publication of EPDs for our products, Excel Dryer has established new standards of transparency and sustainability. From a broader perspective, the EPDs ensure that we will continue to set the tone among leading hand dryer manufacturers.


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