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Feeney Architectural Rod Assemblies

May 11, 2018

Feeney’s grade-316 stainless steel rod assemblies with Sta-Lok® fork ends provide an elegant, high strength, low-maintenance alternative to traditional steel rod and wire rope rigging systems, with the added benefit of being able to support loads in both tension and compression conditions. They can be used in a variety of structural and decorative applications – from glass curtain wall and door canopy supports to guardrail balusters and trellis infill grids.

Assemblies include special left- and right-hand threaded Sta-Lok® Tension Fork ends, offering easy adjustment and tensioning without the need for bulky in-line turnbuckles; simply spin the rod to adjust length. Flats are machined onto each rod so that wrenches can grip without scratching the finish. Available in diameters from 5/16-inch to 1-inch, all assemblies are made to order with the Tension Forks set in the mid-adjustment position to allow maximum open and close adjustment without any exposed threads.


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