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The Silca® Soil Grid X30!

September 27, 2018

A new product for in-ground hardscape installation

The Silca® Soil Grid X30 is a heavy duty linking grid system that allows you to build stronger hardscapes by stabilizing the base material.


  • Up to 50% base reduction in excavation
  • Up to 30% savings on labor cost
  • Wider weight dispersal
  • Reduced warranty call-backs for settling and shifting
  • Reduced risk of poor sub-base compaction
  • Sustainable, efficient and profitable

Quick and easy installation also saves you time and labor cost:

  • Lay gravel base and compact
  • Lay down grates, click and snap hooks together
  • Spread out geotextile fabric or SilcaMat for porcelain installation
  • Begin to lay pavers

The Silca® Soil Grid will be on display at HNA 2018! Stop by our Indoor Booth #21006 or Outdoor Booth #5524-D to see it in action!


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