Building knowledge and connections

Learn everything there is to know about Infratech and tell your customers they have a chance to win 7 days/6 nights in Paradise*

November 05, 2019

Picture you and three friends escaping the cold this winter to enjoy a bit of paradise! Simply take Infratech's video training (Click on the red "Read More" button).

The Sales Course consists of 6 separate videos. The course has been designed to be easy to complete while reinforcing the principles taught.

How to take the video training course; Selling, Promoting and Specifying Infratech Heaters
1. Log in to the course by clicking on the red "Read More" button below
2. Go to “Sign UP” in the upper right-hand corner of
3. Enter all fields with asterisks. Click on download the course and begin
4. Be sure to write down the “Test Password” displayed on your screen half-way through the course.

*The location can be determined by the winner. The prize will be sourced through AMPRO Vacations offering luxury accommodations at almost 2,000 destinations worldwide.