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Wilsonart Launches Color Me Intrigued from the Virtual Design Library

November 19, 2019

New Unique Patterns Represent Colorful Design Personalities

TEMPLE, TX – Inspired by the broad spectrum of colors created when white light diverges through a prism, Wilsonart's latest Virtual Design Library (VDL) release, Color Me Intrigued, celebrates life's subtle and wide-ranging differences. The Collection's colorful personalities contribute to a beautiful tapestry that is both diverse yet unified.

“Just as colorful expressions such as 'tickled pink' or 'green with envy' describe our dispositions, Color Me Intrigued piques our curiosity and provokes an emotional response with bold-minded patterns and colors that run the range of warm, cool, bright and subdued,” noted Natalia Smith, Design Manager at Wilsonart.

The Collection's saturated hues set a definitive mood, while delicately faceted geometric shapes and fresh woodgrains poetically unify into an eclectic genre. Color Me Intrigued offers diverse and versatile patterns that may read serious and sophisticated, funky and playful, or simply chic depending on the prevailing style of furnishings and accessories.

New introductions Fruit Punch, Waterspout, Blue Yonder, Grape Jelly, Green Tourmaline and Iolite, join existing patterns Quince, Kale Leaf, Blue Curacao and Radiant Brass as bold, exotic hues that derive depth from the graphic Crossweave pattern. Emerald Jewel, Amethyst Jewel and Sapphire Jewel offer mysteriously faceted smoky tones with geometric complexity. Washington Slab, Seasoned Maple and Sunken Oak join existing pattern Cocoa Marquetry, to add sophistication and variety to Wilsonart's expansive collection of woodgrains.