Miller Edge - Invisible Blanket of Protection - Monitored Light Curtain / MLC-K36

July 29, 2020

Project Overview - The Winchester Kentucky Fire Department, located in Central Kentucky, houses four bays with entry and exit sectional doors on two of the bays (6 overhead sectional doors total). Fire apparatus can enter and exit on both sides of the building, making the need for a photo optic device even more essential.

The Challenge - The ChallengeOHD of Lexington had installed photo eyes and motion sensors on the individual doors. Fire trucks in particular are difficult for photo eyes with less than a 3ft span to detect due to the weight of the truck drastically changing when filled with water. The front of an empty truck may not pass through the single light beam, which can cause unwanted contact with the door. Because of this, the fire department suffered damage to two doors and one truck hood. Additionally, the ground in front of the doors is pitted from truck weight and in general poor condition making it a problematic environment for a motion sensor.

The Solution - In order to detect all parts of the fire apparatus, OHD of Lexington installed six MLC-K36 (Monitored Light Curtain-3 Ft.) on the six bays on February 24, 2020.

The Result - With the ability to span three feet high from the ground, these light curtains have prevented damage the fire station experienced prior to the MLC-K36 installation. Not only does this keep the vehicles, facility, and people safe with functioning automated safety solutions, but it has virtually eliminated service calls for this location. Since the light curtains offer monitored protection across a broad area in front of the garage opening, the safety system now can recognize firetrucks that are weighted down, or completely empty, preventing service calls for this location, and virtually eliminating the frustrations of the facility manager. Prior to Miller Edge Light Curtains, Rodney Greene, OHD of Lexington Commercial Sales, stated they were using a competitor's product, which was admittedly less expensive but “we have had more callbacks and warranty (faulty receivers or transmitters) than you would ever believe. I'll pay the price for a better product and no issues.”

About the Miller Edge Light Curtain - Using a series of thru beam photo eyes attached near the door track or guides, this light curtain is designed to provide a dense barrier of light that, when interrupted, signals the door to reverse. With the ability to span up to 32 feet wide and 6 feet high, it is suitable for use on the majority of commercial and industrial door applications. The Miller Edge Monitored Light Curtain is a UL 325 compliant monitored device that replaces a photo eye and provides extended protection.

Project Specs Overview - Six Overhead Doors, Six MLC-K36